RUC is an international artist residency, welcoming artists, musicians and writers from all over the world.

RUC supports multicultural dialogue and interdisciplinary exchange between international artists and local traditions in a rural dimension that offers artistic time in solitude and exchanges between peers. Sited in a remote location, RUC's isolated beauty is the ideal environment for intellectual work and creates optimal conditions for concentration and creativity, international exchange, friendship, and mutual understanding.

RUC is the ancient name given by locals to our estate and means terraced garden on the rocks.

Minerva Temple on Oglio river by Artist


Discovering rural life

Cross-cultural understanding

International exchange



RUC believes that experiencing the ancestral magic of rural life in the Alps may enhance inspiration and support creativity through reconnecting artists to the natural world and to their genuine self.



RUC is located in the Italian Alps, in Lombardy, in the Valcamonica valley. Milan is 1 hour and 30 minutes away by car or public transport. The international airport of Milan Orio al Serio can be reached in 40 minutes.


Because of the uniqueness of its prehistoric engravings carved in the rocks, Valcamonica was the first Italian site to be listed among UNESCO World Heritage Sites in 1979. On the southern side, the valley flows into the beautiful lake Iseo where the breathtaking fishing island Montisola lies, and on the nothern side it is topped by the largest glacier of the Italian Alps, the Adamello National Park. RUC is located very near to prominent Roman archaeological sites, and the nearest villages count an ancient Roman open air theatre and the ruins of a temple dedicated to the goddess Minerva.

During the Second World War these mountains witnessed some of the most crucial battles of the Italian Resistance against Fascism. The history of RUC is indissolubly intertwined with those events.

In 2011, the Cariplo Foundation founded the Cultural District of Valcamonica as an instrument for the development of the territory, and a laboratory for arts and culture. Our residency is part of this platform.

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RUC is an estate of 8 hectares (around 20 acres) on the hills, ringed by higher mountains, with a wide meadow and wooded area, a vegetable garden, several fruit trees, and vineyards that produce very refined wines with innovative methods.

On this property there are 3 country houses creating a tiny rural community, and 2 villas where artists are hosted, our headquarters Villa Amati, and a newly restored charm dépendance called Casetta.

All guests will enjoy full use of the property and all of its amenities, gardens, courtyards, and common spaces.

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We are grateful and proud of Agricola Vallecamonica that greatly manages our vineyards. Residents can discover more on the production thanks to tastings and workshops with the winemaker in person.



RUC's special climate conditions have incredibly preserved its vineyards from phylloxera: today our vineyard is older than one hundred years and it is one of the rare varieties in Europe not grafted onto American vines.

The wine production uses the depths of several nearby Alpine lakes as cellars to create a simply unique wine in taste and history.





Art, History, and Craftsmanship

Nature and Wilderness Discovery

International Dialogue

RUC believes in supporting artists’ development through reconnecting with nature and with the valley's ancient traditions.

Residents may be introduced to the valley’s cultural heritage, tailoring their interests with in-depth itineraries on archeology, history, art, and workshops. Residents may learn the secrets of local horticulture, vineyards, and gastronomy. They may be lead to trekking itineraries that unveil the beauty and wilderness of the mountains in one of the very few Italian sites still untouched by tourism.

RUC supports the organization of presentations and events both within its community and outside, as well as meetings with our fellow artists and connections with international art galleries and curators.


RUC is proudly partnering and collaborating with the Future Tense Gallery in Minneapolis (Minnesota, USA), founded by artist Eyenga Bokamba. RUC Alumni will be prioritized to submit a proposal for a show at the Future Tense Gallery.


Every summer RUC hosts special courses and workshops lead by international artists. The leading artists and RUC staff are at complete disposal for more information and assistance.

Due to the global Covid emergency, workshop dates for summer 2021 will be published as soon as possible. Thank you for your comprehension.

Paola Alborghetti and Eckehard Fuchs, En plein air Painting, dates TBC

Kelly Medford, Travel Sketchbook, dates TBC

Giorgio Cossu, Photographic Walks, dates TBC

Alex Lorenzi, Trompe l'oeil, dates TBC

Gabriele Reina, Travel Sketchbook, dates TBC




The residency is open worldwide to visual artists, musicians, and writers. 

Applications are accepted every year on a rolling basis for residency periods from May to October (from 1 to 3 weeks).

Please provide the following: Artist Statement, Résumé, List of 10 Artworks. 

The weekly residency fee may vary according to the length of the residency and type of accommodation. The residency fee is partly subsidized and is intended to cover the maintenance of the whole property, buildings and countryside.

We are happy to assist artists seeking grants or other forms of funding in their home country or institution, by providing an invitation letter when a candidature is accepted. 

We welcome artists from all over the world, and encourage foreign applicants by helping them with all logistical matters.

For artists travelling extensively throughout the country, we are happy to recommend a stop-over at our family Agriturismo Podere Amati near Bologna, on the main highway and railway hub between Southern to Northern Italy.


Applications for individual residencies during the summer 2021 are accepted on a rolling basis until October 1.

Due to the global Covid emergency, workshop dates for summer 2021 will be published as soon as possible.

Thank you for your comprehension.


Application now open!

21st - 30th May

RUC is a member of the most prestigious networks of international Artists Residencies worldwide



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